Walk With Love

The new single out now 



WaDaDa live in Brighton. Great audience 


  WaDaDa is the current project of  Dada - founder member of the cult group Dade Krama , and ,band leader for the much loved DaDa - African Blues (guitar project). . A versatile musician songwriter, and producer with the ability to captiviate  contemporary and traditional  music loving audiences, moving seamlessly from traditional to contemporary styles..

.  With WaDaDa, he returns to  another aspect of his roots ... his love for roots rock reggae     .blending the styles of  the cities of London, Kingston, Accra and beyon

Gigs and Events 

WaDaDa have been taking a break from performing to spend some time in the studio working on new music.

We shall be back on the road  shorlty, so look out for us in  a town near you


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